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Mindset and Business Mastery with Myron Golden | Happy Entrepreneur Show | Che Brown

3 Steps An Entrepreneur Used To Create 1,000 Clients Without Leaving His Home! Meet Myron Golden, Ph.D: Making a Covenant With Yourself (It’s do or die, there is no other option). Mindset Mastery for Success. Have you ever wondered why some businesses succeed while others don’t? There can be many reasons why businesses struggle or fail, but if you look closely at those that flourish and succeed (even despite obstacles and challenges), you’ll find that the owners of successful businesses have one thing in common – a growth mindset. What to Expect From Myron Golden, PH.D… [MIND]. Mastery is the ability to easily do what you want, without risking all that you have. YOU MUST REGISTER to Dr. Myron Golden Monday, 3/23 @ NOON Eastern watch live in HD get the notes and replay. Here is just one example of a TRUTH that you’ll hear from Myron, “It’s incredible that if you make it through school and even get a college degree, no one teaches you how to use your mind. They tell you what to think, but they don’t teach you how to think. Your mind is your ultimate potential or your ultimate limiting factor. If you learn how to use it properly, it can bring you all of the wealth, happiness, and fulfillment you desire. But if you don’t learn to use your mind correctly, the “SYSTEM” will program you to use your mind to rob you of opportunity and destroy your chances.” As a business owner, the potential for success or failure in your hands. And mindset is perhaps one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when it comes fulfilling that potential. Why? Because your mindset affects every aspect of your business! Mindset affects… How you view and respond to opportunities How you view and respond to challenges How you view and manage time How you set and achieve (or don’t achieve) goals How you prioritize tasks and projects Your awareness and management of strengths and weaknesses – both as a business and a business owner Your willingness to make adjustments when needed How you manage the financial side of your business With mindset playing a role in all those areas, it’s easy to see how the choices you make and the actions you take every day – based on a fixed or growth mindset – have a direct impact on your business’ potential. Hearing Myron share the powerful principles he’s learned from a life-time of digging into the Word of God is like NOTHING you have ever experienced! Myron has transformed businesses, he has helped countless entrepreneurs find their calling, he has helped multiplied thousands of individuals discover who they were meant to be. Who is Myron Golden, PH.D? Myron Golden is a dynamic business trainer, success coach, and author who has over 30 years of experience in the marketing and sales arena. He is the author of several books on the subjects of business and finance. His book “From The Trash Man To The Cash Man” has sold over 140,000 copies in the first two years of being in print. Despite the fact that he contracted polio as an infant Myron is a Black Belt in the martial arts and has had to overcome many obstacles to succeed in his life and career. If you will open your mind and allow him to share with you, his principles can truly change your life for the better. YOU MUST REGISTER to Dr. Myron Golden Monday, 3/23 @ NOON Eastern watch live in HD get the notes and replay. To Your Success Che Brown The Happy Entrepreneur Follow on Instagram: IAmCheBrown #TheHappyEntrepreneur #HappyEntrepreneurShow #TodayIsMyJanuary1st

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